Become a Healing Angel this holiday season! 

Give the gift of an Aquatic Treatment or Infant Massage Class to a mother or child in need. 

As my practice has grown over the last two years, I get calls every week from families all over northern California who both want and need this specialized work, but can’t afford it. These families, mothers and children have experienced some or all of the following, draining them of both their resources and energy:  

  • Born premature and just out of the NICU
  • In the foster/adoptive care system
  • Mothers and babies with birth trauma or injuries
  • Children with special needs 
  • Car, sports, or household accidents
  • Divorce, death in the family, abuse or other trauma

Therapeutic touch is uniquely healing, supportive, and transformational for these families on many levels. However, paying for this support amidst hospital debt, in-home assistance, legal bills, and/or physical therapy proves to be an unsurmountable challenge. Moreover, Pediatric and Aquatic Massage are such unique modalities, insurance frequently won't cover the cost. 


HEre's where YOU come in.


For as little as $5, you can make a huge difference in the happiness and healing of the mothers and children in NorCal.               For those of you who know me, your gift is truly doubled: not only are you supporting a family's healing, you are also making it possible for me to get in the pool every day, live my passion, and make a living making a difference.

How it works:

  1. Choose an angel sponsor package

  2. Fill out the angel form (below) and submit payment. 

  3. You will then be added to our database of angel sponsors. Over the course of the year, I will work hard to match families who would benefit from this work with your generous gift. 

  4. Once a match is made and a family comes in for a session or class, they will be presented with an angel notecard with your anonymous message inside. After their session or class, they will provide an anonymous note about their experience that will be mailed to you. Warm fuzzies all around! 


:: Introductory Session :: 1 Aquatic treatment or baby massage lesson ........... $85


:: Empowerment Package :: 4-week infant massage series ........... $150


:: Impact Package :: 3 Aquatic sessions........... $255


:: Transformation Package :: 6 Aquatic sessions ........... $510


:: village contribution* :: suggested ........... $5—$80

*All Village Contributions will be pooled together to create packages to offer those in need. It take a village!

Please consider making any monetary contribution you are comfortable with. There is no amount too small to make a difference.  

Anything’s possible when we work together! 

Name *
Please list any specifications you have for your gift. e.g. whether or not you'd like it to go towards aquatics or baby massage, a mother or child, a particular diagnosis or circumstance, etc.
After submitting the form, Jillian will contact you to collect payment.
This note will be hand delivered to the recipient of your gift at the time of treatment.
Mailing Address
Mailing Address
If you'd like to receive a card in the mail, please include your address here. Otherwise, you will receive an email notification when your gift has been matched with a family.

thank you for sharing your generous heart with the world

this holiday season and always!