Jillian loves children and children love Jillian!

It's a match made in heaven. Jillian's unique background as a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT), Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT), and training in Adaptive Watsu® and International Aquatic Therapy Techniques, equips her with vital knowledge of indications, contraindications, and considerations to massage and work with children of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities.


Being in the water highlights a sense of freedom, fun, and playfulness for many children, making it a fabulous fit for therapeutic work and optimal results.

Her additional training as a music therapist and ropes course facilitator prime Jillian with not only musicality, spontaneity, and patience, but also a diverse range of activities and ideas with which to connect with your child, ultimately inspiring him/her to connect, have fun, and reach his/her goals. Scheduling days, times, and locations are flexible to accommodate your family's needs. 

Whenever possible, work is performed in pools treated with alternatives to chlorine so that those with sensitivities will have a pleasurable and positive experience.  Also, most pools are wheelchair accessible.  

Historically, Jillian was a proud volunteer with the Special Needs Aquatics Program (SNAP Kids) in Berkeley and Pediatric Palliative Aquatics Program at George Mark House in San Leandro.



SESSIONS can begin at four-weeks-old. 

 Aquatic sessions are 100% child-led, and are customized to meet the unique personality, needs, and goals of each child. Jillian creates a safe and playful environment wherein your child can both creatively explore the water and practice relaxing his/her body and mind. Additionally, sessions serve as a fabulous compliment to rehabilitative, physical, or sports-related injuries or goals. The warm pool is the perfect place to nurture a healthy relationship with the water from an early age, and to cultivate calmness, trust, and confidence.

What parents are saying

My seven-year-old son, Ethan and I were in a major car accident last year. Luckily, we were not permanently injured, but we were both very traumatized. Ethan, who is on the autism spectrum, developed PTSD and a severe breathing tic. The tic was causing him great distress at school because it was very loud and he could not control it. He became extremely self-conscious and resistant to going to school. He was worried about disrupting his class and bothering his teacher and fellow students. I took him to his Pediatrician and also tried chiropractic care and homeopathic remedies to no avail. After two and a half months without improvement, a friend referred me to Jillian. On the drive home from our first session, I noticed the tic was completely gone! The next day I kept waiting for it to return but it never did. It has been almost four months since that day, and the tic has only appeared momentarily for a single breath on one or two occasions. Essentially, it is completely resolved!

We continue to see Jillian a few times per month to help calm his nervous system in general. He has an extremely high energy level and short attention span. I am always so impressed by how creative Jillian is in finding ways to engage him, turning her exercises into a game or a contest on the fly. It is so gratifying to watch him totally surrender in the pool. It is such a magical and rare occurrence to see him truly relaxed! He absolutely adores Jillian and truly looks forward to his sessions with her.    

Since Ethan was enjoying his sessions so much, I was excited to try Watsu for myself. From the second I entered the pool for the first time, I trusted Jillian implicitly. Right away, I was able to achieve a higher level of relaxation than I’d ever dreamed possible. Sessions with her have really helped me cope with feelings of overwhelm, stress, anxiety and depression. Jillian’s work is such a blessing and significantly contributes to my overall feeling of well-being. In addition to her warmth, I have been struck by Jillian’s incredible work ethic and compassion. She has been so diligent about gathering information prior to our sessions, and following up with us afterward to see how we are doing. Her dedication is especially impressive, given how reasonable her rates are. The Watsu pool itself is a beautiful retreat and Jillian’s healing touch is such a gift. It is amazing that just four months ago, I had never even heard of it and now I can’t say enough about what a positive effect it has had on my family. We are forever grateful to Jillian for the profound healing she has blessed our family with and can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Nina Paul

Jillian is one of the most passionate people that I have had the privilege watching connect with my daughter and other children. Her energy, openness and kind heart allow kids to feel free to be themselves, create, think and blossom. The same qualities translate into honest and heartfelt communication with parents. Jillian is someone that creates an atmosphere where lifelong memories are made. She will always be a part of our hearts and family.
— Kaili Sanchez
Jillian has worked with our family for close to three years now. She is a brilliant human being with a gentle and caring soul, who lives creatively in everything she does. We have full trust in her and love that she is a fantastic influence on our two little girls.
— Crystal English

Why is massage good for children? 

Let a child tell you!

In A Modern-Day Guide to Massage for Children, award winning author, international lecturer and authority on pediatric massage, Tina Allen, provides families and professionals with a beautifully illustrated, easy to follow guide to incorporating nurturing touch into the lives of children.