Inspirational Parents

In my line of work, I meet some of the most inspirational parents on the planet. 

Loving, optimistic, tenacious, thoughtful, generous, kind, and fierce are some of the words that spring to mind.

As a volunteer with Berkeley's Special Needs Aquatics Program for Kids (SNAP), we maximize our time with the children in the pool and don't always have the pleasure of getting to know the parents as well as we'd like. Which is why I am all the more grateful for the Disability Visibility Project's (DVP) recent interview transcription featuring parents Christina Mills and Eli Gelardin.

They speak candidly on incredibly personal and illuminating topics, such as

  • Being the first disabled child in their respective families
  • Meeting each other
  • Wanting to be a parent
  • Being a parent with a disability
  • The lack of role models of parents with disabilities
  • Disability pride, pregnancy, and prenatal testing
  • Being a parent of a child with multiple physical and developmental disabilities
  • Having a second child
  • The importance of storytelling

Finish the interview with Part Two here

Deep gratitude to Christina, Eli, Olivia, and Sage; to DVP and StoryCorps; Thank you for being lights in this world.