Caregivers cherish their regular Watsu® sessions with Jillian more than any other population. 

The water work is cleansing, nourishing, and deeply supportive; everything an overworked, drained, caregiver needs to replenish and return to provide care for his/her/their family and self.  

Watsu® helps mothers

  • Fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply (oftentimes during sessions as well!)

  • Melt tension in the neck and shoulders from carrying and/or nursing baby

  • Decrease symptoms of fatigue

  • Elevate mood and relieve symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety

  • Check in with personal, physical, and emotional needs

  • Create healthy self-awareness and connections apart from their child

  • Develop a deeper connection and compassion towards their baby and his/her needs

  • Feel supported (as the ones who provide support to others 24/7)

  • Process feelings

what caregivers are saying

Watsu® with Jillian is a serene, soul satisfying departure from the everyday world. Being not only buoyant but also supported, held, stretched, smoothed out, invites the nervous system, tissues and ligaments to relax, release and reprogram. Jillian was so tuned in to areas that needed attention and how to attend to them. Emerging from the pool and throughout that day I felt a joyful balance on all levels, and as a new mom, I felt filled up - refueled - and able to offer even more love and nurturing to my little one.
— Jenica Faye
I found the session to be so incredibly relaxing, I instantly felt comfortable and the water was so soothing. I will definitely be booking another session, and I will be telling my friends about you! I think my favorite part of the session was the work on my scalp and upper back, and really the ability to completely clear my mind and relax.  I will be in touch for another session!
— Linsey Fredenberg
Shortly after my son was born, Watsu® really helped relax my body into its prior self and allowed my mind the space to think freely. 
— Rachel Lippman