Watsu® is an ideal modality during pregnancy, particularly throughout the second and third trimester.

Imagine being weightless, floating in a warm, body-temperature pool as you are gently stretched and massaged from head to toe. As your body changes and grows, regular Watsu® sessions provide a safe and uniquely nourishing environment for both you and your baby to enjoy. Watsu® can be a particularly powerful experience for expecting partners as well, as it gives them a tangible way to relate to and connect with their partner and growing child. 

Watsu® alleviates common pregnancy symptoms including:

  • Back pain

  • Insomnia

  • Sciatica

  • Emotional anxiety/overwhelm

  • Swelling

  • Fatigue

  • Heaviness of the legs

  • and additionally, promotes a deep connection to your baby and profound centering in preparation for childbirth.

Little Wonders Photography http://littlewondersphoto.com

Little Wonders Photography http://littlewondersphoto.com

Jillian is proud to be a preferred affiliate of the Capital City Doula Collective of Sacramento. 

Prenatal Aquatic Package :: please inquire for rates

Support your (or your loved ones') body and baby with a Prenatal Aquatic Package in preparation for this major life transition and transformation. Sessions can be scheduled or broken up however you choose, however Jillian recommends:

Session 1 = around 29 weeks

Session 2 = around 35 weeks

Session 3 = around 38 weeks

          Session 4 = 6-10 weeks postpartum

*Add on a BABY MASSAGE SERIES at the same time (and enroll after baby arrives) for only $110!

For a'la carte rates and pricing please visit the RATES page. 

What clients are saying

Jillian is wonderful. I am telling you, take yourself and then send your clients! It is like being cradled in a womb of love. Watsu® was perfect for me, turning the corner of five-months pregnant. It changes your whole mind space and my body rested better that week after my session than it had in weeks. Thank you Jillian!
— Brooke Lonergan, Birth & Postpartum Doula, parent

This slideshow was created by Jillian Van Ness, CMT, CPMT, Watsu® Aquatic Massage Practitioner and includes testimonials from clients and professionals in her pre- and postnatal aquatics practice. Copyright 2015

Watsu massage was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Stepping into the warm pool at almost eight months pregnant was divine and so relaxing all in itself. In the water, it seemed effortless for Jillian to massage my back, neck, arms, legs and feet, and the gentle drag of the water was just what my sore legs needed. I was able to lay with my eyes closed, breathing slowly and connecting with my baby as we moved together in the water. My Watsu session with Jillian was by far one of the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences I have had.
— Jenica Thompson, CMT, Birth Doula, parent
“I slept wonderfully the night after my Prenatal Watsu session. The pain in my feet is gone and the pain in my lower back, down to almost nothing. I really couldn’t be happier with the results!”
— Tory Capps
Receiving a Watsu® massage days before my due date was amazing. Being able to float freely without the constrains of a massage table was ideal. The final days leading up to giving birth was an anxiety, stress-filled time for me, and Jillian really helped me to relax and let go of so much anguish I was carrying within my body. Shortly after my son was born, Watsu® really helped relax my body into its prior self and allowed my mind the space to think freely. 
— Rachel Lippman
Little Wonders Photography http://littlewondersphoto.com

Little Wonders Photography http://littlewondersphoto.com

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Watsu experience. It made a huge difference for me, not only physically, but emotionally! And thank you for working my friend into your schedule before her due date. She said she felt like a new woman.”
— Lindsey Joyner, pregnant mother

Watsu® Session Gift Certificates 

make a fabulous baby shower gift or push present, as do Infant Massage Classes! Email Jillian for details and to have a customized certificate emailed directly to you or the recipient. 

Looking for a unique baby shower idea?

Host a small shower at the pool and give everyone a turn to be floated and massaged by the Watsu® practitioners on staff. Please contact Jillian for pricing and availability. 

The Loving Aquatic Massage pool in Davis, CA.

The Loving Aquatic Massage pool in Davis, CA.

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