Become someone's "Healing Angel" today!

Give the gift of Aquatic and/or Infant Massage to a mother or child in need. Click here to learn more. 

Watsu®             Aquatic Massage

         60-minute ……………... $95

        *90-minute ……………..  $130

*Introductory/first time sessions are 90-minutes to allow time for intake, orientation, and transitions. 


For Infants & Children

        60-minute ……………..  $85

(approximately 45-minutes in the water)


Prenatal Aquatic PACKAGE :: four sessions for $385

Support your (or your loved ones') body and baby with a Prenatal Aquatic Package in preparation for this major life transition and transformation. 

Save 10% when you purchase four sessions together! Sessions can be scheduled or broken up however you choose, however Jillian recommends:

Session 1 = around 29 weeks

Session 2 = around 35 weeks

Session 3 = around 38 weeks

Session 4 = 6-10 weeks postpartum

*Add on a BABY MASSAGE SERIES at the same time (and enroll after baby arrives) for only $110!


For New Mothers

Bring baby and caregiver with you to relax poolside while you have your session. Or bring baby into the warm water to lay on your chest and float together as your neck, shoulders, back, and feet are massaged. Swim diaper required. 

        30-minute ……………..  $60

        60-minute……………… $95


Water + Land Combination

Get the best of both worlds! We’ll start in the pool to warm-up your muscles and calm your nervous system. Then towel off and move inside to the table where we’ll target any areas needing extra attention, pressure, and release. 

For infants, caregivers will join us in the water and receive a little massage too as they’re floated together with baby. Swim diaper required. 

Infants:    20-minutes in water + 20-minutes massage ………......…. $75

Children: 30-minutes in water + 20-minutes massage …….....…...... $85



Have a pool with a shallow end you’d like to heat to 96 degrees for in-home sessions? Some pediatric sessions can take place in a hot tub. Jillian can come to you! Please contact for rates and more information. 

Ideal Pool Specifications:

  • Depth = 3.5’-4’
  • Size = 8'+ diameter
  • Temp = 94-97 degrees
  • Covered with canopy or Indoor preferred


For Students of Aquatic Bodywork

Need a pool to practice in? Want a little extra coaching, help, and/or feedback? Jillian assists Watsu® Level 1 and 2 trainings, and is happy to provide you a pool and time for practice and coaching. Come with up to three classmates/aquatic friends and share the hourly cost or come by yourself and float Jillian. 2-4 hour sessions recommended. Combinations also available. 

Practice/Coaching Session Rate ………………..……..  $60-$75/hr     sliding scale

Student Watsu® Session ………………………………  $75/hr

Jillian, I wanted to thank you once again for your support in my Watsu education. Your guidance through the transitions I had been struggling with soon after the class ended was exactly what I needed. Your gentle, non critical approach creates a safe, open space to learn. I so appreciate your style; the ease and grace you posses, both in and out of the water is inspirational. Your insights to correct postures & movement are extremely helpful, both as an assistant in class and instructing on your own. Thanks for all you bring to the World...especially the Watsu world.
— Nansea LeFrancois, Watsu® Student

infant massage

Group Classes

        75-minute class // 3-week Series ....................... *$125

        *Cost varies by location. 

Adoptive Families, "Daddy"-and-Me, Pre-Crawlers, Movers & Shakers, and more! Please contact Jillian for current class offerings, rates, and locations and to get on the class list.


One-on-One Instruction

Private sessions can be conducted in your home or Jillian's. Please contact for details. 


Home Parties/Special Events

Infant Massage classes are a fun, unique, and empowering way to celebrate a Baby Shower, 1st Birthday, Family Reunion, and more! Please contact Jillian for rates and availability.


Water + Land Combination

Get the best of both worlds! We’ll start in the pool to warm-up baby's muscles and calm the nervous system. Since babies are born feeling inherently comfortable in the water, it's a great idea to maintain regular and positive exposure to the pool to make learning how to swim a breeze! Caregivers can join us in the water and receive a little neck, back, and foot massage as you float together in the water. 

Then towel off and move inside where we’ll massage baby's legs, arms, feet, and hands, and target routines customized to ailments such as colic, gas/indigestion, teething, growing pains, sleep, and more. Water and land sessions are a fabulous and unique way to bond with your baby. Swim diaper required.

Babies:    20-minutes in water + 20-minutes massage ………......…. $75